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Look for the truth..

It lies deep inside.

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It doesn't matter if I'm a size 2 or 32...there will always be people who think I'm pretty

It doesn't matter if I graduate with a GPA of 3.8 or .08...there will always be those who consider me intellegent

It doesn't matter if I've made a million mistakes or have lived a perfect life...some will always look up to me

and it doesn't matter what's happened in the past, what troubles I deal with now..or the stress that might come later...there will always still be those people who I can go to no matter the occasion or for no occasion at all.....

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I hide.
Deep down underneath many layers,
Lies me.
I don't want to come out.
It's safe.
Deep down in my little hole.
Where the cold can't get to me,
yet Cold.
Where warmth can't reach me.
Cover the little heart that beats.
Too many
times it was let out of the hole.
yet so very fill and alive.
I hide
Because each time I dare not come out
One more thing
chases me back inside my little hole.
Dig deep
If you dare try to find me.
But beware.
I bite.

Been a couple of days...
blue fairy
Alot of stuff has gone on since I last updated...I dont really have time to go into it now...but I do want to shoutout to Brian Jon and Christyna! hanging out with them last night..SOBER...was awesome. Christyna and I are slowly becoming darker from tanning!! I never actually tanned alot before, not with tanning beds, but its fun this time...

Room selections was yesterday but yeah no one told me to keep the receipt from the room deposit...i stuck it somewhere and ran to class and could NOT find it!! but thats ok...b/c i will be ok to do it again today...Styna got a room down the hall from me now for next year...and i will try to move down the hall too, maybe to the other side only b/c this room where it is gets no breezes or anything...and i am gonna get a loft bed! yay.

You know..i left them last night to go to bed b/c i was so sleepy but dammit..body isnt used to sleeping anymore soooo...i didnt fall asleep again till late....i'm so shaky right now so i hope what i type is readible!! its rediculus...i might have to resort to taking pills or something...b/c the lack of sleep is starting to effect me...bah

anyways...just thought i'd throw an update in there for ya...time for class!!

real quick tho:

monicanicole yay for your random love...its so great to get those messages from you!! you know i have had a present to give you for quite a while but i dont have your can i have it? Love ya!

emmaleighjane I love Millie!! i hope things are working out for you sweety! if you need anything just email me...i know i am slow at responding to you lately but i promise its not b/c i dont care! its b/c things are CrAzY and i have been so busy! you are so sweet tho..yay

bah i have more but i am runnin late...tootles!

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Pretty baby that Allen sent me...I hope it warms everyones hearts b/c it sure did mine!

So a couple of my closest friends are really hurting right now..and I want nothing more than to take what it is that is bothering them and throw it it doesn't hurt them anymore. Esp my best friend, she is one of the strongest people I see her upset is heartbreaking..I know ppl deal with things the way they deal...but its hard to not want to attempt to make it better for her...altho what I probly do or say isn't helping fact i might be making her hurt more but I don't mean to. I just want her to know I am there. And him too..he is so funny and see him hurt just breaks my heart..seeing my best friends sad like that is crazy...when they both deserve all the happiness in the world. They know I'm here for them..i think that more than anything they need the feelings of comfort and consistency...once they find that, peace of mind should well as healing hearts. And it will happen...then al lof this will be worth it right? *grin* I love you. I love you much. And I think if you just let it flow..dont think so much for thats what is causing alot of the hurt...just let it flow and see what happens. I'm always here.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Phillipians 4:13

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blue fairy
No words can describe. Things will be said in their own time..things being misconstrued the way they have is rediculous.

I will say this...I regret helping some ppl see how cool live journal could be b/c to some ppl its become nothing but a way to really hurt someone. And act like a me-oriented bitch...So I am taking the said my list...and making it friends only. I'm sure they will cry over it like they care so much for other people to cry for them when they hurt feelings. I use this to mainly keep in touch with ppl who are my FRIENDS in Georgia...and I'm not gonna stop posting in it but damn if just anyone can read it now.

For whom it may concern: of course I can read what you post, its not me being nosy, its you being on my friends list since I created your journal for you...gave you your icons..and what not so you have this means to be so cruel to ppl. I never said you did anything for attn. Your Best Friend misunderstood what I was saying but left before she could get the facts straight. What I said was if yall keep posting stuff like that whether it be livejournal or whatever, (just so you know it scares us all when you do b/c tada...we CARE ABOUT YOU) and then you are alright but yet you keep doing things to make yourself upset and not go to someone to talk to ppl why you are feeling the way you feel...bc if yu dont get help, after a while all these "threats" or whatever of doing that will seem like attention. Thats what I meant. But no, dramatic ppl never stay around to hear all the facts they see what they Think or Want to see then leave in a fit determined I am a Bitch. In reality...You are the bitch...backstabbing..did I mention that...back-fuckin-stabbing Bitch...You do what you want based on what you are feeling at the time and have hurt your Best Friend more times than once and why she still goes back to you to be your best friend I will never understand nor do I care to..she has been warned just so you know to stay away from you b/c you bring her down. I haven't seen her this unhappy until she met you...You complicate ppl's lives up way too much...and what the hell, you say you have turned your life around, as far as college careers go, yet you still go smoke everynight like you have all the time in the world to waste in pulling up that god awful GPA...yeah mine fell too but not NEAR to the level yours did and I am studying my ass off to pull it back up...getting high and drunk so much is STUPID...on weekends and stuff is cool every now and I then i throw it down but on a night i can AFFORD too and not go on a nightly ride to get hiiiigh...sure you go to class but...stupid way to go to class...high like that...tsk tsk. I told yall that the other night...i thought i was being too blunt and mean bc/ I tend to be too NICE..but this post is to tell you....dear Friend...what everyone wont say to your face. If you happen to be back next semester I will be so freakin surprised... I never complained that "you never talk to me"...I told Your Best Friend that if I cant sympathize or offer advice at all if I dont know whats going on and I offered to be her soundboard and she didnt want to talk which I also respect. But if you Dont talk to me? Believe me I dont cry about it...and at this point I dont care to hear your stuff. I know you dont care to hear what I have to say seeing how ...I'm the one that said it...b/c you will go on face value, what you hear first...leaving me random anonymous notes doesnt say much for you and how others can respect you..i know for a fact it was one of you...and you say I dont have the "balls" to say it to your face? Calling me a slut is so understated for you...You are so freakin one to talk how fast you move and no i am not being nosy its what ppl SAY about you. The fact you have been with so many ppl is sickening...yeah I am going low enough to say that b/c I can I am sick of your bullshit.. I had the "balls" before to tell you to your face last semester how things seemed or basically how they were...I'm not scared of you. You dont intimidate or impress me. You disgust me. You say I am two faced and blah dee blah but I dont think you see how things can really be...I said that to your FACE last semester and didnt care what you thought about it b/c i was so shocked at how selfish you were being...and then you turning around and calling someone you consider a close friends mom to give her BULLSHIT just b/c you were called out on your own stupidy is shitty...She did that to help did that for your own satisfaction of getting revenge or whatever the fuck was going on in your head...You caused more heartache than its worth b/c your need to retaliate when you are caught being STUPID...just for fact we called your mother to help Her and not you b/c your name (at the time) was not on yur car and insurance..and should that crackhead have wrecked your car, your MOM would have been the one to deal with it...You had no right to do that and you should know this person you consider a friend yet you backstab so well...she isn't one to do all that shit you told her mom she did...Such a bitch you can be ;) I am having fun writing this I may have helped add on to this stupid drama but I am not the only cause of it but to you, you can do No wrong b/c woe is fuckin you...Your life is always worse than everyones, no one will possibly understand..but thank you for not publicly blaming everything going wrong in your life on your dad being gone...I'm sorry that he is..but he isn't the cause for all that goes wrong (which you made clear it did last semester...) and if you still havent seen that yet then you Really..really..should go see someone. and you bringing the REALLL personal shit up is low...even for you its low...I never talk about that to anyone, I never bring it up nor do I throw it in your face like you so love doing to me...I'm proud of how you handle it but dammit if I am quit comparing how "mature" you are by handling it your way b/c i dont give a damn anymore. I have handled it, it does not rule my life anymore..shows how much you care to ask on it tho before you make it public in your fuckin journal...You brought it up before when it ...Again...had Nothing to do with the situation at hand. But you bring it up whenever you and I have a spat or whatever...and its not your damn business to do so. I never talk about your crap..regarding anyone...b/c its not my place. Believe what you want but I have been a better friend than you think I have been. Whenever anything goes wrong and you are the tiniest bit involved, or not involved at all, you turn things around so ppl see how bad you are suffering, miss all Sad and Contrite.I am probly adding to this by even responding but so much has to be said...I am going to stop here however if you even managed to read this far. This is the Last entry of my lj you will read...and I sure dont care to read yours anymore...break my heart.

Have a LOVELY fuckin day. I hate it that it has come to this...even high school...for me..was not this bad...dammit.

dang...this is almost funny...
blue fairy
So much DRAMA...ppl posting all these anonymous notes in other ppl's thing is, if you dont have the balls to identify yourself and post something that harsh...and i'm not talking about just to me......dont bother posting...Some of the things said on a friends lj was uncalled for...calling someone out like that is not your place...bah. But no, whoever posted all that Crap doesnt care about feelings...and that includes who posted that crap in My dont long as it doesnt effect you personally, why should you? blah dee freakin blah. I really hoped this high school shit would be left at high school...Wesleyan didnt have as much crap as Western does....damn.

Random love to the Hips. Have a great day!

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My betta fish just died....and I have yet to think of a name for it.

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For my sistermom...Collapse )

5 week grades are in, so far I am doing ok. Except in Anthropology but I am doing well in my other courses...I received my geology grade back today and thought I failed it until I realized her grading system...I got a C on it which I am ok with considering that test kicked my butt...also everything in that class...the quizzes AND test...are 15%...the test count as much as quizzes so...if i mess up on a test...its I just wish the prof didnt make it so boring...blah.

Plan to go home to day to help some more at the house, and make an appt to get my tires rotated..I want them fine for the trip to Georgia..i need to make a walmart trip to as well as make some CDs...

Enough for anyone is paying attn to this one *wink* j/k

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yay I'm a pretty rose goddess!! Oh yes thats right!


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