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blue fairy

Look for the truth..

It lies deep inside.

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blue fairy
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Pretty baby that Allen sent me...I hope it warms everyones hearts b/c it sure did mine!

So a couple of my closest friends are really hurting right now..and I want nothing more than to take what it is that is bothering them and throw it away..so it doesn't hurt them anymore. Esp my best friend, she is one of the strongest people I know...to see her upset is heartbreaking..I know ppl deal with things the way they deal...but its hard to not want to attempt to make it better for her...altho what I probly do or say isn't helping much..in fact i might be making her hurt more but I don't mean to. I just want her to know I am there. And him too..he is so funny and sweet..to see him hurt just breaks my heart..seeing my best friends sad like that is crazy...when they both deserve all the happiness in the world. They know I'm here for them..i think that more than anything they need the feelings of comfort and consistency...once they find that, peace of mind should happen..as well as healing hearts. And it will happen...then al lof this will be worth it right? *grin* I love you. I love you both...so much. And I think if you just let it flow..dont think so much for thats what is causing alot of the hurt...just let it flow and see what happens. I'm always here.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Phillipians 4:13

(no subject)
blue fairy
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