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blue fairy

Look for the truth..

It lies deep inside.

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This is for ppl who went to CAMP! Memories...
blue fairy
I thought I would have to miss some of staff week b/c of guard auditions...but i dont! staff week doesnt start until June so that means I can have a summer break for Meee before camp starts...w00t! Plus I will be able to stay in Marching Band. But it is going to be 7 weeks just like last year only the last two weeks they are bringing back the 2 week programs again, kinda like they had when I was a camper kid there. They even get to stay throughout the weekend..could be fun? lol

For those that want to come back you know you have to turn in another application? of course vet counselors like USSSS are garunteed a job..but has to be in writing and stuff..so while we are down in Macon, if she doesnt wanna go to the girl scout center, i will drive one morning over there and fill it out and update contact info and blah dee blah.

This year however...Jade brought me to an interesting point, what if we get someone like YaYa again?? lol..no no not dealing with a power hungry counselor bitch...but we can always do to her what we did to a few other ppl....ghost rocks anyone? just randomly hurling themselves to their cabin? mehe..immature maybe..but its camp thats where you do that stuff! no more mudfights either...Georgia red mud...is NOT soft! dont forget Haunted McGee Lodge and the songs...my god...the same songs...for 7 weekks...why the hell do we do that? B/c its GREAT!

And Jade how about a schlivovitz..did I spell it right? I'll supply my own chocolate this time...lol

I'll have to make "huh buh" make its way back into my everyday vocabulary and I still have Toby...buuuunnny...and Heeeey.

Of course everyone but two ppl on my friends list is going to wonder what the hell I am talking about...

I have to goa nyways, have to continue packing...I dont think it will ever get done!