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blue fairy

Look for the truth..

It lies deep inside.

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(no subject)
blue fairy
I love ya so much Lynette :) What you had to say really helped me. At first I wasn't sure how this sister mom/daughter thing would work b/c you arent here but you have been so great...I love you bunches!! I will heed what you say as well...my voice will be heard. I hope you have a great day and i cant wait to talk to you again! So much to think about, and I dont know what I should do just yet...I am gonna think about it some more...and definately keep you updated. Its all well that I vent to my close friend about Some things but she cant understand b/c she's not there to see it...i'm lucky for you tho :)

5 week grades are in, so far I am doing ok. Except in Anthropology but I am doing well in my other courses...I received my geology grade back today and thought I failed it until I realized her grading system...I got a C on it which I am ok with considering that test kicked my butt...also everything in that class...the quizzes AND test...are 15%...the test count as much as quizzes so...if i mess up on a test...its ok..lol. I just wish the prof didnt make it so boring...blah.

Plan to go home to day to help some more at the house, and make an appt to get my tires rotated..I want them fine for the trip to Georgia..i need to make a walmart trip to as well as make some CDs...

Enough for now..like anyone is paying attn to this one anyway...lol *wink* j/k

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yay I'm a pretty rose goddess!! Oh yes thats right!

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you are slut and a back stabbing bitch dont call yourself a friend....all you care about is youself!!!!!

If you dont have the balls to post this with your name, then this means nothing to me ;) Shows how little you know me...lol

Have a Lovely Day!

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