Look for the truth..

It lies deep inside.

14 September 1983
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Still friends only...get over it biatches

Ok here is my update.
There is so much I wish to post but i cant...its sad LJ has resorted to that. my life is nothing but changes right now and its scary as i try to figure things out. My friends are awesome and i am grateful for them especially my hips..now for your regular updates of random love. that is all.(updated Dec 27)

To my friends~ i appreciate each and every one of you..i wish i had the ties i used to with you all.
To my hip(s)~ need i say again how i feel? *wink* yall are the best!
To my STC~ always still in here *points to chest*
To the one who holds my heart~ Me encanto tu...siempre amore.

RIP Megan Nicole Hayes
Aug. 6, 1984 - Nov. 30, 2005
~Always in our hearts..."guard"ian angel~

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That is all you get for now...now dont be scared just go on in and view things from a Courtney perspective.

"What is it with you Southern Girls? You can't seem to make the right decision until you've made all the wrong ones!" Sweet Home Alabama

Im still broken hearted...but i still smile.

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Look!! Its baby hips! Courtney (fat baby on left) and Brian (fat HAPPY baby in the middle) and Christyna (fat baby on right) arent we adorable?

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the one and only. thats me.